Although this firm was established officially in August of 2007 it could actually be said that this company started in 1972 at age eleven.

At that age I was involved with the master planning of a new type of center‐oriented, circular community. I was involved ‐ because I went where my parents took me. Even at that young age I saw the important process of bringing many individual views, goals, and priorities together to develop community and people’s dreams. How very interesting this process can be! Forty years later I still believe that Architecture has the power and leadership position to improve the built environment and add to the quality of people’s lives.

In early years I worked for Architects and Builders on projects as varied as underground homes, underground commercial space and even log homes. I have owned and operated a residential remodeling company that specialized in historic renovation of Old West Lawrence homes. This construction experience helps me relate to my contractor partners in pre‐bid, pre‐construction, and job site meetings. My restaurant clients really appreciate that I owned a restaurant for a year and understand some of their unique requirements. Through this filter of past experience I have been providing architectural services from the conceptual to the post occupancy evaluation on a wide variety of projects for nineteen years.

I have been President of the Lawrence Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), President of the Kansas City Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and Treasurer of the Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The reason I mention these organizations is that each is important to the built environment in a different manner, and it shows both the broad knowledge base required in this profession and the sources of support they provide.

Through consistent and pertinent professional development, working seamlessly with my peers, a commitment to listening, a sensitivity to project budgets and schedules, and sharing common goals with my clients, 3F30 Architects is committed to working with you to create a quality built environment and get your projects done!

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