7 Downtown Restaurant

7 Downtown opened in May of 2007. It is a very trendy new Italian Dining Restaurant by day and a happening night club in the evening. The owner brought several design ideas to the project including the desire for LED lighting and drapes. The project was challenging in the fact that the original Western Union Building was nearly a century old and the space did not lay out well for the traditional restaurant configuration. In addition many of the age related equipment, and structural issues had to be worked thru on this project. Many Floor Plan arrangements were developed and discussed to get to the final design. Support functions such as wait stations and kitchen storage are literally carved out of adjacent spaces. The balcony creates a unique space for a more private area. If you drive by the location at night you will see the bright and cheery windows change colors right before your eyes. The same effects occur in the interior behind the curtains softening the walls. This Project was designed and managed while Bryan was employed at Warman Design Group Architects, PC.