Chinn Elementary

Kansas City, MO
Park Hill School District

Project highlights:

Project Architect: Bryan Ruoff
Project Budget: $45,000 including donated materials

This project started out as a request for help from the school PTA President. Not knowing how far the project would go the first phase was to establish the preliminary design and construction budget for the grant. Schematics and rendered exhibits were prepared for submittal to Platte County as part of a grant request that was eventually fully funded. Construction Documents were then prepared to bid and build the paving and landscaping. Project management and construction meetings were part of this project as it included working with volunteers on the Trail Head brick installation, landscaping, over ¼ mile of asphalt trail, and signs. 3F30 even donated the use of its Bobcat Skid Loader to make the landscaping work easier for the volunteers. 3F30 Architects is proud to say that the project was finished on time for the dedication ceremony and at no unexpected cost to Chinn, Park Hill School District, or Platte County.

The pictures are of the Fall work day that planted most of the trail landscaping. The Trail head area was part of a project that was a project for two Eagle Scouts.

Chinn Elementary was built 48 years ago and for the first time the children from the apartment complex next door do not have to walk through the grass and mud to get to the school and kids have a running path for PE classes. The trail is lined with a variety of plant species for educational purposes. The outdoor classroom was designed to use large rocks for student seating and podium. The project was dedicated to a long time and very popular Chinn teacher , Mrs. Grant, who lost a recent battle with cancer – but the benefits will be enjoyed for generations to come. We are proud to have contributed to this project.