Macken Park

North Kansas City, MO

This Project was designed and managed while Bryan was employed at Warman Design Group Architects, PC

Project highlights:

This project scope originally was to provide a raised platform stage, a unifying entry element, and new playground to the area around the existing shelter houses. These pictures are of the phase one “stage” that was completed in 2005. The project was designed to provide a formal production capability for North Kansas City’s Friday in the Park concert series that see a wide variety of groups performing on Friday’s in the park. The events are free and are frequently heavily attended. It is also a popular wedding facility because of the adjacent support buildings. Because of this, the master plan done for this area of the park included a formal circular drop off area, handi-cap parking, and carefully arranged sidewalks for events. This semi-urban park is very popular and this area is seldom un-utilized by families and children.

Phase two included the new playground, new shelter house/entry, parking, drive/road extension, restriping of the parking to get 10% more spaces, matching shelter roofs, extensive storm water system upgrades by Olsson Associates, high-pole lighting, and landscaping.