Village Gardens

The project was unique in the fact that Village Gardens was operating a retail store on the existing site up until the grand opening of the new store. The existing site was a sloped, L shape that limited the new building pad to a very tight site arrangement. The two story floor plan looks to be a much more involved three story building from the main perspective of the site. The main floor above is 400 square feet of retail space above a 4000 square foot flower shop. This project was intended to project the traditional Italian Village and the façade was carefully manipulated to project separate building fronts to reduce the scale. The inside kept to the traditional retail layouts of previous client locations that included a walk-in cooler, custom floral arrangement station, and gifts. The one exception was that a wedding consultation area was added inside the 2 story “tower”. Speculative Restaurant drawings and renderings were included for the city planning staff review and for marketing the vacated area where the previous building stood. This Project was designed and managed while Bryan was employed at Warman Design Group Architects, PC.