Xpress Mart Jackson

Located at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and East 19 th Street, this revamp of a pre-existing convenience store has become the new fueling and food destination for the neighborhood. Xpress Mart’s philosophy of being a good neighbor to the community meshed well with the design
team’s coordination and layout of the site. Retaining walls helped aid in creating a s more comfortable vehicle movement than the previous station and solve complicated grades differences across the site in both directions. Additionally, it helped shore up the eroding back yards of the neighboring properties. And the tall building provided needed sound barrier to the homes behind. The neighbors were in high anticipation of the food options that the new convenience store will offer. Like most Xpress Marts that are in local neighborhoods, there is an expanded fare of beverage and food
options over what was available before. This location has an added kitchen. This renovated location will be a great source of commerce for the local community in which it serves for many years to come.